'Atlas Shrugged: Part I' Vs. 'Capitalism: A Love Story'

Atlas Shrugged: Part I

Capitalism: A Love Story

An Inconvenient Truth



Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Release Summary

Genre Drama Mystery Sci-Fi Crime Documentary History Documentary News Comedy Documentary War Documentary Drama Documentary
DistributorRocky Mountain Pictures Overture Films Paramount Classics Lionsgate Films Lionsgate Films Rocky Mountain Pictures
Release DateApr 15, 2011Sep 23, 2009May 24, 2006Oct 1, 2008Jun 22, 2007Apr 18, 2008
Domestic Gross $4,627,375$14,363,397$24,146,161$13,011,160$24,540,079$7,720,487
Production Budget$20,000,000$20,000,000$2,500,000$9,000,000
Running Time1 hr 37 min2 hr 7 min1 hr 36 min1 hr 41 min2 hr 3 min1 hr 37 min
MPAA RatingRated PG-13 for some sexualityRated R for some languageRated PG for mild thematic elementsRated R for some language and sexual materialRated PG-13 for brief strong languageRated PG for thematic material, some disturbing images and brief smoking

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $4,627,375$14,363,397$24,146,161$13,011,160$24,540,079$7,720,487
Opening Weekend $1,677,000$231,964$281,330$3,409,643$68,969$2,970,848
Opening % of Total36.2%1.6%1.2%26.2%0.3%38.5%
Widest Release4659955875681,1171,052
Close DateMay 19, 2011Dec 17, 2009Nov 2, 2006Dec 18, 2008Oct 18, 2007Oct 19, 2008
In Release261 days / 37 weeks107 days / 15 weeks226 days / 32 weeks93 days / 13 weeks193 days / 27 weeks258 days / 36 weeks
Weekends at #1000000
Weekends in Top 10021131

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$4,627,375$17,436,509$49,782,012$13,639,115$36,093,504$7,720,487
Foreign Gross$3,073,112$25,635,851$627,955$11,553,425
Foreign % of Worldwide0%17.6%51.5%4.6%32%0%
Domestic Gross$4,627,375$14,363,397$24,146,161$13,011,160$24,540,079$7,720,487
Domestic % of Worldwide100%82.4%48.5%95.4%68%100%