Biggest 2014 Openers

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Transformers: Age of Extinction

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Release Summary

Genre Superhero Comic Book Adaptation IMAX Thriller Chase 3D Politics IMAX Comic Book Adaptation 3D Superhero Adventure 3D Science Fiction IMAX Action Remake Disaster Creature Feature Cartoon Adaptation Alien Invasion IMAX Based on a Toy 3D Robot Science Fiction Comic Book Adaptation Adventure Origin Story IMAX 3D Superhero Adventure Post-Apocalypse Heroine Action Young Adult Novel Adaptation Science Fiction
DistributorWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Sony Pictures Releasing Warner Bros. Paramount Pictures Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Lionsgate Films
Release DateApr 4, 2014May 2, 2014May 16, 2014Jun 27, 2014Aug 1, 2014Nov 21, 2014
Gross To Date $259,766,572$202,853,933$200,676,069$245,439,076$333,176,600$337,135,885
Production Budget$170,000,000$160,000,000$210,000,000$170,000,000$125,000,000
Running Time2 hr 16 min2 hr 22 min2 hr 3 min2 hr 45 min2 hr 1 min2 hr 3 min
MPAA RatingPG-13PG-13PG-13PG-13PG-13PG-13

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $259,766,572$202,853,933$200,676,069$245,439,076$333,176,600$337,135,885
Opening Weekend $95,023,721$91,608,337$93,188,384$100,038,390$94,320,883$121,897,634
Opening % of Total36.6%45.2%46.4%40.8%28.3%36.2%
Widest Release3,9384,3243,9524,2334,0884,151
Close DateAug 21, 2014Aug 17, 2014Aug 28, 2014Oct 9, 2014Jan 22, 2015Mar 19, 2015
In Release272 days / 38 weeks244 days / 34 weeks230 days / 32 weeks188 days / 26 weeks518 days / 74 weeks406 days / 58 weeks
Weekends at #1311243
Weekends in Top 107565108

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$714,421,503$708,982,323$524,976,069$1,104,054,072$772,776,600$755,356,711
Foreign Gross$454,654,931$506,128,390$324,300,000$858,614,996$439,600,000$418,220,826
Foreign % of Worldwide63.6%71.4%61.8%77.8%56.9%55.4%
Domestic Gross$259,766,572$202,853,933$200,676,069$245,439,076$333,176,600$337,135,885
Domestic % of Worldwide36.4%28.6%38.2%22.2%43.1%44.6%