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Release Summary

Genre Based on a Toy 3D CGI Animation CGI Animation IMAX 3D Based on a Toy IMAX Based on a Toy 3D CGI Animation Superhero CGI Animation 3D
DistributorWarner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros.
Release DateFeb 7, 2014Sep 22, 2017Feb 10, 2017Feb 8, 2019
Gross To Date $257,760,692$59,281,555$175,750,384$105,806,508
Production Budget$60,000,000$80,000,000$99,000,000
Running Time1 hr 40 min1 hr 41 min1 hr 44 min1 hr 47 min

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $257,760,692$59,281,555$175,750,384$105,806,508
Opening Weekend $69,050,279$20,433,071$53,003,468$34,115,335
Opening % of Total26.8%34.5%30.2%32.2%
Widest Release3,8904,0474,0884,303
Close DateSep 4, 2014Nov 30, 2017Jun 8, 2017May 9, 2019
In Release328 days / 46 weeks105 days / 15 weeks325 days / 46 weeks327 days / 46 weeks
Weekends at #13021
Weekends in Top 107477

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$468,060,692$123,681,555$312,150,384$192,306,508
Foreign Gross$210,300,000$64,400,000$136,400,000$86,500,000
Foreign % of Worldwide44.9%52.1%43.7%45%
Domestic Gross$257,760,692$59,281,555$175,750,384$105,806,508
Domestic % of Worldwide55.1%47.9%56.3%55%