Alien/Robot/Environment Attack

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

War of the Worlds

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

I, Robot

The Day After Tomorrow

Release Summary

Genre Drama Sci-Fi Thriller Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Action Adventure Sci-Fi Action Adventure Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller Action Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller Action Adventure Sci-Fi Thriller
Distributor20th Century Fox Film Corporation 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Paramount Pictures Paramount Pictures 20th Century Fox Film Corporation 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Release DateDec 12, 2008Jun 15, 2007Jun 29, 2005Sep 17, 2004Jul 16, 2004May 28, 2004
Domestic Gross $79,366,978$131,921,738$234,280,354$37,762,677$144,801,023$186,740,799
Production Budget$80,000,000$130,000,000$132,000,000$70,000,000$120,000,000$125,000,000
Running Time1 hr 44 min1 hr 32 min1 hr 56 min1 hr 46 min1 hr 55 min2 hr 4 min
MPAA RatingRated PG-13 for some sci-fi disaster images and violenceRated PG for sequences of action violence, some mild language and innuendoRated PG-13 for frightening sequences of sci-fi violence and disturbing imagesRated PG for sequences of stylized sci-fi violence and brief mild languageRated PG-13 for intense stylized action, and some brief partial nudityRated PG-13 for intense situations of peril

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $79,366,978$131,921,738$234,280,354$37,762,677$144,801,023$186,740,799
Opening Weekend $30,480,153$58,051,684$64,878,725$15,580,278$52,179,887$68,743,584
Opening % of Total38.4%44%27.7%41.3%36%36.8%
Widest Release3,5603,9633,9103,1703,4943,444
Close DateApr 2, 2009Oct 18, 2007Nov 22, 2005Dec 21, 2004Dec 30, 2004Nov 4, 2004
In Release385 days / 55 weeks200 days / 28 weeks191 days / 27 weeks112 days / 16 weeks175 days / 25 weeks218 days / 31 weeks
Weekends at #1111110
Weekends in Top 10446554

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$233,093,859$301,913,131$603,873,119$57,947,036$353,133,898$552,639,571
Foreign Gross$153,726,881$169,991,393$369,592,765$20,184,359$208,332,875$365,898,772
Foreign % of Worldwide66%56.3%61.2%34.8%59%66.2%
Domestic Gross$79,366,978$131,921,738$234,280,354$37,762,677$144,801,023$186,740,799
Domestic % of Worldwide34%43.7%38.8%65.2%41%33.8%