Captain Marvel vs. Comparable Openings

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games

The Dark Knight

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Captain Marvel

Release Summary

Genre Heroine Action Post-Apocalypse Science Fiction Young Adult Novel Adaptation Adventure IMAX Reality TV IMAX Post-Apocalypse Young Adult Novel Adaptation Heroine Adventure Action Science Fiction Adventure IMAX Comic Book Adaptation Superhero Adventure IMAX Prequel Action Science Fiction 3D Heroine Origin Story IMAX Superhero 3D Adventure Alien Invasion Heroine Comic Book Adaptation
DistributorLionsgate Films Lionsgate Films Warner Bros. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release DateNov 22, 2013Mar 23, 2012Jul 18, 2008Dec 16, 2016Mar 8, 2019
Gross To Date $424,668,047$408,010,692$533,345,358$532,177,324$426,829,839
Production Budget$130,000,000$78,000,000$185,000,000$200,000,000$160,000,000
Running Time2 hr 26 min2 hr 22 min2 hr 32 min2 hr 13 min2 hr 3 min
MPAA RatingPG-13PG-13PG-13PG-13PG-13

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $424,668,047$408,010,692$533,345,358$532,177,324$426,829,839
Opening Weekend $158,074,286$152,535,747$158,411,483$155,081,681$153,433,423
Opening % of Total37.2%37.4%29.7%29.1%35.9%
Widest Release4,1634,1374,3664,1574,310
Close DateApr 3, 2014Sep 6, 2012Mar 5, 2009May 4, 2017Jul 4, 2019
In Release405 days / 57 weeks284 days / 40 weeks532 days / 76 weeks381 days / 54 weeks299 days / 42 weeks
Weekends at #124432
Weekends in Top 107101079

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$865,011,746$694,394,724$1,003,045,358$1,056,057,273$1,128,274,794
Foreign Gross$440,343,699$286,384,032$469,700,000$523,879,949$701,444,955
Foreign % of Worldwide50.9%41.2%46.8%49.6%62.2%
Domestic Gross$424,668,047$408,010,692$533,345,358$532,177,324$426,829,839
Domestic % of Worldwide49.1%58.8%53.2%50.4%37.8%