'Four Christmases' Comp Romp

Four Christmases

Fred Claus

The Break-Up

Meet the Fockers

Christmas with the Kranks

Meet the Parents

Release Summary

Genre Comedy Drama Romance Comedy Family Fantasy Comedy Drama Romance Comedy Romance Comedy Family Comedy Romance
DistributorWarner Bros. Warner Bros. Universal Pictures Universal Pictures Revolution Studios Universal Pictures
Release DateNov 26, 2008Nov 9, 2007Jun 2, 2006Dec 22, 2004Nov 24, 2004Oct 6, 2000
Domestic Gross $120,146,040$72,006,777$118,703,275$279,261,160$73,780,539$166,244,045
Production Budget$80,000,000$52,000,000$80,000,000$60,000,000$55,000,000
Running Time1 hr 28 min1 hr 56 min1 hr 46 min1 hr 55 min1 hr 39 min1 hr 48 min
MPAA RatingRated PG-13 for some sexual humor and languageRated PG for mild language and some rude humorRated PG-13 for sexual content, some nudity and languageRated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, language and a brief drug referenceRated PG for brief language and suggestive contentRated PG-13 for sexual content, drug references and language

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $120,146,040$72,006,777$118,703,275$279,261,160$73,780,539$166,244,045
Opening Weekend $31,069,826$18,515,473$39,172,785$46,120,980$21,570,867$28,623,300
Opening % of Total25.9%25.7%33%16.5%29.2%17.2%
Widest Release3,5403,6033,1463,5543,4162,697
Close DateFeb 12, 2009Feb 14, 2008Sep 7, 2006Jun 16, 2005Jan 13, 2005Mar 29, 2001
In Release401 days / 57 weeks419 days / 59 weeks213 days / 30 weeks375 days / 53 weeks403 days / 57 weeks452 days / 64 weeks
Weekends at #1201304
Weekends in Top 104668413

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$164,112,721$97,838,349$205,668,210$522,657,936$96,572,480$330,444,045
Foreign Gross$43,966,681$25,831,572$86,964,935$243,396,776$22,791,941$164,200,000
Foreign % of Worldwide26.8%26.4%42.3%46.6%23.6%49.7%
Domestic Gross$120,146,040$72,006,777$118,703,275$279,261,160$73,780,539$166,244,045
Domestic % of Worldwide73.2%73.6%57.7%53.4%76.4%50.3%