Sing vs. Despicable Me


Despicable Me

Release Summary

Genre CGI Animation 3D CGI Animation Father Fish out of Water Comedy 3D
DistributorUniversal Pictures Universal Pictures
Release DateDec 21, 2016Jul 9, 2010
Gross To Date $270,395,425$251,513,985
Production Budget$75,000,000$69,000,000
Running Time1 hr 48 min1 hr 35 min

Domestic Summary

Total Gross $270,395,425$251,513,985
Opening Weekend $35,258,145$56,397,125
Opening % of Total13%22.4%
Widest Release4,0293,602
Close DateMay 11, 2017Jan 20, 2011
In Release376 days / 53 weeks541 days / 77 weeks
Weekends at #101
Weekends in Top 1086

Worldwide Summary

Worldwide Gross$634,151,679$543,113,985
Foreign Gross$363,756,254$291,600,000
Foreign % of Worldwide57.4%53.7%
Domestic Gross$270,395,425$251,513,985
Domestic % of Worldwide42.6%46.3%