10 Lives

A pampered cat takes for granted the lucky hand he has been dealt after he is rescued and loved by Rose, a kind-hearted and passionate student. When he loses his ninth life, fate steps in to set him on a transformative journey.


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International (100%)
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
South AfricaApr 26, 2024$54,324$182,004
TürkiyeApr 19, 2024$69,157$349,151
Latin America
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
ColombiaMar 21, 2024$91,083$485,290
MexicoApr 12, 2024$827,252
Asia Pacific
MarketRelease DateOpeningGross
Russia/CISJun 13, 2024$473,446$1,824,614
VietnamApr 26, 2024$152,774$605,945