Top Weekends: 2nd – 12th

Data as of Jul 13, 2:56 PDT
Rank Release Gross Lifetime Gross % of Total Theaters Average Date Distributor
1Avatar$154,010$8,158,011-36$4,278Dec 17, 200920th Century Fox International
2Migration$20,616$1,409,814-78$264Dec 21, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
3House of Gucci$16,921$2,465,734-16$1,057Nov 25, 2021B&H Film Distribution
4Minions: The Rise of Gru$16,317$1,082,509-70$233Jul 7, 2022B&H Film Distribution
5Ice Age: Continental Drift$14,434$4,513,729-20$721Jul 12, 2012Ukrainian Film Distribution (UFD)
6Puss in Boots: The Last Wish$11,426$1,121,863-65$175Dec 22, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
7Rio 2$9,483$1,704,018-29$327Mar 20, 201420th Century Fox International
8Transformers: Age of Extinction$9,075$3,294,504-5$1,815Jun 26, 2014Paramount Pictures International
9Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation$9,027$2,761,326-31$291Jul 12, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
10My Thoughts Are Silent$6,584$369,623-20$329Dec 12, 2019Arthouse
11The Lion King$6,566$5,087,956-8$820Jul 18, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
12Godzilla vs. Kong$6,079$780,767-7$868Mar 25, 2021Warner Bros.
13Bohemian Rhapsody$6,022$2,083,846-11$547Nov 1, 201820th Century Fox International
14Cruella$5,576$1,450,808-13$428May 27, 2021Kinomania
15Inception$5,186$1,493,821-7$740Jul 22, 2010Warner Bros.
16Guardians of the Galaxy$4,822$2,096,984-7$688Jul 31, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
17Soul$4,740$1,969,125-17$278Dec 31, 2020Kinomania
18Minions$4,551$2,046,677-22$206Jul 9, 2015Universal Pictures International (UPI)
19The Great Gatsby$3,854$1,809,104-5$770May 16, 2013Warner Bros.
20Aladdin$3,626$2,026,313-4$906May 23, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
21Luca$3,289$779,599-28$117Jun 17, 2021Kinomania
22Greenland$3,180$1,085,113-34$93Sep 17, 2020Kinomania
23Cyborgs: Heroes Never Die$2,970$884,894-16$185Dec 7, 2017Ukrainian Film Distribution (UFD)
24The Secret Life of Pets 2$2,956$3,014,632-6$492May 30, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
25The Croods$2,885$2,110,234-16$180Mar 21, 201320th Century Fox International
26Raya and the Last Dragon$2,603$1,170,408-18$144Mar 4, 2021Kinomania
27The Hangover$2,567$879,581-2$1,283Jun 11, 2009Warner Bros.
28Sex and the City$2,440$1,216,927-5$488Jun 19, 2008Kinomania
29Kung Fu Panda$2,387$1,820,945-8$298Jun 5, 2008-
30The Boss Baby 2: Family Business$2,320$1,576,201-15$154Jul 1, 2021Universal Pictures International (UPI)
31Ford v Ferrari$2,310$2,150,788-3$770Nov 14, 201920th Century Fox International
32Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales$2,292$3,673,723-7$327May 25, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
33Jumanji: The Next Level$2,041$4,245,411-6$340Dec 12, 2019B&H Film Distribution
34DZIDZIO Contrabass$1,926$822,880-4$481Aug 31, 2017Ukrainian Film Distribution (UFD)
35The War with Grandpa$1,882$622,528-5$376Sep 24, 2020-
36Aquaman$1,543$4,049,736-6$257Dec 13, 2018Kinomania
37Gravity$1,180$2,132,939-3$393Oct 3, 2013Warner Bros.
38Edge of Tomorrow$1,126$1,401,713-3$375Jun 5, 2014Warner Bros.
39Murder on the Orient Express$1,097$1,928,145-2$548Nov 9, 201720th Century Fox International
40Rogue One: A Star Wars Story$1,094$1,296,731-1$1,094Dec 15, 2016Walt Disney Pictures
41Monsters vs. Aliens$1,088$842,356-3$362Mar 19, 2009Paramount Pictures International
42The Courier$1,051$182,626-2$525Mar 18, 2021Volga
43Blended$1,050$517,321-5$210Jun 19, 2014Warner Bros.
44Frozen II$1,037$3,839,210-9$115Nov 21, 2019Kinomania
45F9: The Fast Saga$1,026$2,337,028-4$256Jun 17, 2021Universal Pictures International (UPI)
46The Boss Baby$1,025$1,768,721-3$341Mar 23, 201720th Century Fox International
47Motherless Brooklyn$1,019$247,427-1$1,019Oct 31, 2019Kinomania
48No Time to Die$996$2,503,834-1$996Sep 30, 2021Universal Pictures International (UPI)
49The Expendables 3$976$315,140-6$162Aug 14, 2014-
50Enchanted$969$587,984-1$969Dec 20, 2007-
51Dawn of the Planet of the Apes$942$854,920-9$104Jul 17, 201420th Century Fox International
52WALL·E$924$1,223,653-2$462Jul 3, 2008-
53Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets$908$1,365,831-2$454Aug 10, 2017Volga
54Sing$883$1,946,336-4$220Dec 29, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
55Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel$862$383,816-2$431Dec 24, 200920th Century Fox International
56Inside Out$794$997,671-1$794Jun 18, 2015Walt Disney Pictures
57Yogi Bear$792$263,802-2$396Jan 6, 2011Warner Bros.
58Ratatouille$786$1,142,583-2$393Jun 28, 2007-
59I Am Number Four$761$555,952-2$380Feb 24, 2011Walt Disney Pictures
60The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader$750$1,544,260-3$250Dec 9, 201020th Century Fox International
61Crazy Wedding$742$1,966,105-2$371Oct 4, 2018-
62Home$719$539,886-8$89Mar 19, 201520th Century Fox International
63Suicide Squad$715$2,916,352-4$178Aug 4, 2016Warner Bros.
64Despicable Me$693$1,098,087-2$346Jul 15, 2010Universal Pictures International (UPI)
65Marry Me$684$700,540-11$62Feb 10, 2022Universal Pictures
66Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles$684$1,560,525-1$684Aug 14, 2014Paramount Pictures International
67Get Him to the Greek$679$163,067-2$339Jun 17, 2010Universal Pictures International (UPI)
68Jurassic World: Dominion$634$571,636-5$126Jun 23, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
69Avengers: Endgame$632$5,971,461-2$316Apr 25, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
70Maleficent$631$2,373,334-2$315May 29, 2014Walt Disney Pictures
71Just Go with It$628$918,252-3$209Mar 31, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
72King Arthur: Legend of the Sword$607$1,306,205-2$303May 11, 2017Warner Bros.
73Ferdinand$593$1,813,554-2$296Dec 21, 201720th Century Fox International
74Green Book$583$477,801-2$291Jan 24, 2019Capella Film
75Storks$582$712,501-4$145Sep 22, 2016Warner Bros.
76How Not to Rescue a Princess$578$1,140,301-5$115Dec 30, 2010-
77Nobody$570$417,153-1$570Mar 18, 2021Universal Pictures International (UPI)
78Kung Fu Panda 3$561$1,140,564-3$187Jan 28, 201620th Century Fox International
79Zootopia$533$1,995,155-2$266Mar 17, 2016Walt Disney Pictures
80How to Train Your Dragon$501$1,431,171-4$125Mar 18, 2010Paramount Pictures International
81Thunder and the House of Magic$490$336,221-7$70Apr 10, 2014-
82Surf's Up$487$464,459-1$487Jun 7, 2007-
83Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard$478$1,203,553-3$159Jun 24, 2021Kinomania
84Bolt$448$687,878-1$448Dec 18, 2008-
85Black Swan$430$185,650-1$430Mar 10, 201120th Century Fox International
86Knives Out$420$1,119,045-1$420Dec 5, 2019-
87Frozen$419$2,866,139-2$209Dec 26, 2013Walt Disney Pictures
88Now You See Me 2$399$1,018,171---Jun 9, 2016Central Partnership
89You Don't Mess with the Zohan$394$464,175-2$197Jun 19, 2008-
90The Princess and the Frog$384$668,445-1$384Jan 7, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
91Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald$382$3,227,922-1$382Nov 15, 2018Kinomania
92Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse$371$802,766-1$371Jun 1, 2023B&H Film Distribution
93Babylon$366$424,248-1$366Jan 19, 2023Paramount Pictures International
94How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World$356$2,753,186-2$178Feb 21, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
95Smallfoot$351$735,162-1$351Sep 27, 2018Kinomania
96Changeling$343$298,512-2$171Dec 4, 2008-
97The Croods: A New Age$338$1,330,782-2$169Dec 31, 2020Universal Pictures International (UPI)
9821$337$214,125-1$337May 29, 2008-
99Johnny English Strikes Again$335$896,258-1$335Sep 20, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
100The Super Mario Bros. Movie$318$821,280-2$159Apr 5, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
101Despicable Me 3$317$2,355,988-2$158Jun 29, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
102Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle$315$3,606,430-3$105Dec 21, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
103Wonder Woman 1984$314$1,104,397-1$314Dec 17, 2020Cinemania Group
104War Dogs$309$510,638-1$309Aug 18, 2016Warner Bros.
105Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings$302$1,283,783-1$302Sep 2, 2021Kinomania
106Pokémon: Detective Pikachu$295$1,348,610-1$295May 9, 2019Kinomania
107Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children$290$1,167,622-1$290Oct 6, 2016Ukrainian Film Distribution (UFD)
108Coco$290$1,178,801-1$290Nov 23, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
109Palm Springs$287$119,401-1$287Aug 20, 2020Volga
110Incredibles 2$269$1,263,430-2$134Jun 14, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
111Ticket to Paradise$261$694,147-4$65Sep 15, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
112Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time$260$1,581,120-1$260Jun 3, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
113Honest Thief$252$248,396-1$252Oct 8, 2020Kinomania
114Free Guy$251$2,235,534-3$83Aug 12, 2021Kinomania
115Kong: Skull Island$243$1,326,965-1$243Mar 9, 2017Warner Bros.
116Hotel Transylvania$242$1,772,679-2$121Oct 24, 2012-
117Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw$236$3,102,292-1$236Aug 1, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
118Spy$235$885,359-1$235Jun 4, 201520th Century Fox International
119Blade Runner 2049$232$1,135,016-1$232Oct 5, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
120Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull$232$1,649,501-1$232May 22, 2008-
121Tangled$231$2,112,218-2$115Dec 16, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
122Mad Max: Fury Road$229$681,642-1$229May 7, 2015Warner Bros.
123Dunkirk$228$774,013-1$228Jul 20, 2017Kinomania
124American Made$221$933,046-1$221Oct 12, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
125Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens$220$2,509,424-1$220Dec 17, 2015Walt Disney Pictures
126Oz the Great and Powerful$219$3,009,587-4$54Mar 7, 2013Walt Disney Pictures
127Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2$214$1,288,019-3$71Oct 24, 2013-
128Me. You. He. She.$213$2,693,044-2$106Dec 27, 2018B&H Film Distribution
129Rio$212$1,838,484-9$23Apr 7, 201120th Century Fox International
130Kung Fu Panda 4$186$1,792,519-3$62Mar 14, 2024Universal Pictures International (UPI)
131Avengers: Infinity War$182$3,654,152-1$182Apr 26, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
132Shrek Forever After$179$4,007,651-2$89May 20, 2010Paramount Pictures International
133Ralph Breaks the Internet$173$963,247-1$173Nov 22, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
134Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi$172$1,732,820-1$172Dec 14, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
135Walking with Dinosaurs 3D$167$439,291-3$55Dec 19, 201320th Century Fox International
136Seventh Son$166$1,575,519-1$166Jan 1, 2015Universal Pictures International (UPI)
137Horton Hears a Who!$147$708,116-1$147Mar 13, 2008Gemini Film
138300: Rise of an Empire$146$1,891,956-4$36Mar 7, 2014Warner Bros.
139The Angry Birds Movie 2$141$1,315,777-1$141Aug 8, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
140Jumper$135$561,842-1$135Feb 21, 2008Gemini Film
141Alita: Battle Angel$133$1,822,881-1$133Feb 14, 201920th Century Fox International
142The Angry Birds Movie$127$1,464,962-1$127May 12, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
143Bigfoot Family$127$241,249-2$63Oct 1, 2020Volga
144Predators$114$397,497-3$38Jul 8, 201020th Century Fox International
145Forbidden Empire
2014 Re-release
$110$4,554,937-2$55Jan 30, 2014-
146The Twilight Saga: Eclipse$106$1,686,847-1$106Jul 8, 2010-
147Shaun the Sheep Movie$105$167,973-2$52Mar 26, 2015Volga
148Admiral$100$4,057,105-1$100Oct 8, 2008Gemini Film
149Moana$97$757,020-1$97Dec 22, 2016Walt Disney Pictures
150Toy Story 3$93$665,250-1$93Jun 24, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
151Endless Love$89$260,534-1$89Mar 6, 2014Universal Pictures International (UPI)
152Godzilla$87$941,096-4$21May 15, 2014Warner Bros.
153Alvin and the Chipmunks$85$236,414-3$28Dec 20, 2007Gemini Film
154Mirrors$84$226,571-1$84Aug 21, 2008Gemini Film
155Gulliver Returns$84$535,763-2$42Aug 19, 2021B&H Film Distribution
156Encanto$79$707,960-2$39Nov 25, 2021Kinomania
157Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue$77$82,973-2$38Aug 12, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
158Skyfall$73$2,508,384-1$73Nov 1, 2012-
159Quantum of Solace$61$2,026,217-1$61Nov 6, 2008-
160The Best Movie$55$2,443,567-1$55Jan 24, 2008Gemini Film
161Kingsman: The Secret Service$48$829,874-1$48Feb 12, 201520th Century Fox International
162Absolutely Anything$48$73,377-1$48Nov 19, 2015-
163Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore$46$515,498-1$46Jul 29, 2010Warner Bros.
164The Tourist$38$1,635,972-1$38Jan 5, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
165Step Brothers$29$199,603-1$29Sep 4, 2008-
166The Grinch$29$2,709,247-1$29Dec 20, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
167The Green Hornet$26$728,989-1$26Feb 3, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
168The Menu$25$259,492-1$25Nov 17, 2022Kinomania
169Mulan$20$532,299-1$20Sep 10, 2020Walt Disney Pictures
170Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
2020 Re-release
$19$1,992,871-1$19Jul 2, 2020Universal Pictures International (UPI)
171The Lego Movie$13$318,055-2$6Feb 27, 2014Warner Bros.
172Stalingrad$11$3,410,087-1$11Oct 10, 2013-
173Freaky$11$127,598-1$11Nov 12, 2020Universal Pictures International (UPI)
174Escape from Stalin's Death Camp$7$113,934-1$7Aug 24, 2017B&H Film Distribution
175Hancock$7$2,145,629-1$7Jul 10, 2008-
176Sing 2$5$3,186,097-3$1Dec 30, 2021Universal Pictures International (UPI)