Top Weekends: 2nd – 12th

Data as of Jul 22, 2:59 PDT
Rank Release Gross Lifetime Gross % of Total Theaters Average Date Distributor
1Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings$206,173$4,553,582---Sep 22, 2021Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
2Avatar: The Way of Water$132,877$20,615,163---Dec 14, 2022Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
3Avatar$86,183$5,809,653-32$2,693Dec 17, 200920th Century Fox International
4Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol$45,853$6,142,288-23$1,993Dec 16, 2011United International Pictures
5Kung Fu Panda 4$38,771$4,919,192-43$901Mar 6, 2024Universal Pictures International (UPI)
6Frozen II$32,367$14,885,131---Nov 20, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
7The Karate Kid$30,788$3,346,220-14$2,199Jun 10, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
8Fast & Furious$28,988$2,291,140-10$2,898Apr 3, 2009United International Pictures
9How to Train Your Dragon$27,000$1,560,733-10$2,700Mar 26, 2010United International Pictures
10Final Destination 5$23,074$2,814,779-11$2,097Sep 21, 2011Warner Bros.
11Knives Out$22,181$1,047,211---Dec 11, 2019-
12Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief$21,042$1,554,109-10$2,104Feb 10, 201020th Century Fox International
13Green Zone$19,532$1,032,116-9$2,170Mar 12, 2010United International Pictures
14Puss in Boots: The Last Wish$18,534$1,257,009-16$1,158Dec 28, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
15The Dark Knight Rises$17,189$7,527,926-14$1,227Jul 20, 2012Warner Bros.
16Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian$15,297$1,882,185-23$665May 20, 200920th Century Fox International
17Thor: Love and Thunder$13,670$12,632,982---Jul 6, 2022Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
18The King's Man$12,297$2,079,387---Dec 22, 2021Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
19Black Panther: Wakanda Forever$12,281$13,160,734---Nov 9, 2022Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
20Minions: The Rise of Gru$12,222$8,005,700-46$265Jun 29, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
21The Wolfman$11,892$1,101,085-5$2,378Feb 17, 2010United International Pictures
22Captain Marvel$11,368$19,409,550---Mar 6, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
23Grown Ups$11,212$488,409-6$1,868Aug 25, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
24Iron Man 2$11,015$4,487,383-5$2,203Apr 30, 2010United International Pictures
252012$11,000$6,640,261-9$1,222Nov 13, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
26Hotel Transylvania$9,843$1,074,727-4$2,460Nov 23, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
27Fast Five$9,803$3,167,381-5$1,960Aug 12, 2011United International Pictures
28Skyfall$9,645$7,609,328-9$1,071Nov 1, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
29Surrogates$9,484$914,889-1$9,484Sep 30, 2009Walt Disney Pictures
30Kung Fu Panda 2$9,181$5,568,530-6$1,530Aug 16, 2011United International Pictures
31Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs$8,652$2,113,727-3$2,884Jul 1, 200920th Century Fox International
32Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen$7,722$4,469,608-5$1,544Jun 24, 2009United International Pictures
33G-Force$7,622$1,380,947-3$2,540Sep 16, 2009Walt Disney Pictures
34Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2$7,596$8,229,311-10$759Jul 29, 2011Warner Bros.
35Transformers: Dark of the Moon$7,528$6,880,457-6$1,254Aug 5, 2011United International Pictures
36The Green Hornet$7,375$1,513,920-5$1,475Feb 2, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
37Sherlock Holmes$6,919$2,163,216-7$988Dec 30, 2009Warner Bros.
38The Sorcerer's Apprentice$6,485$2,007,847-2$3,242Jul 21, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
39The Last Airbender$6,330$3,185,064-6$1,055Aug 4, 2010United International Pictures
40Ticket to Paradise$6,313$509,118-6$1,052Sep 30, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
41Death on the Nile$6,207$847,930---Feb 9, 2022Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
42Legion$6,154$723,331-5$1,230Jan 27, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
43Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows$6,022$3,432,887-7$860Dec 23, 2011Warner Bros.
44The Menu$5,951$659,825---Nov 18, 2022Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
45Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1$5,939$6,149,448-8$742Nov 19, 2010Warner Bros.
46John Wick: Chapter 4$5,930$2,095,052---Mar 22, 2023-
47Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness$5,780$21,009,945---May 5, 2022Walt Disney Pictures
48Alice in Wonderland$5,611$2,047,959-2$2,805Mar 4, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
49Inception$5,140$2,439,468-5$1,028Jul 16, 2010Warner Bros.
50Trolls Band Together$4,883$427,739-5$976Nov 17, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
51Salt$4,573$2,612,235-15$304Jul 28, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
52Avengers: Endgame$4,429$34,775,278---Apr 24, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
53Dark Waters$4,410$139,013---Nov 27, 2019CJ Entertainment
54Ninja Assassin$4,400$1,862,728-3$1,466Nov 26, 2009Warner Bros.
55American Assassin$4,132$725,533---Sep 13, 2017-
56A Good Day to Die Hard$4,080$4,609,659-3$1,360Feb 6, 201320th Century Fox International
57Battleship$4,067$3,762,420-8$508Apr 13, 2012United International Pictures
58The Super Mario Bros. Movie$4,030$5,055,016-6$671Apr 5, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
59Shutter Island$3,963$772,735-1$3,963Mar 3, 2010United International Pictures
60Wonder$3,888$608,024---Dec 8, 2017-
61The Avengers$3,547$11,949,911-5$709May 4, 2012Walt Disney Pictures
62Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny$3,521$1,986,193---Jun 28, 2023Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
63Star Trek$3,437$1,057,869-2$1,718Jun 9, 2009United International Pictures
64Jack Reacher$3,430$2,393,101-3$1,143Dec 28, 2012United International Pictures
65The Amazing Spider-Man$3,288$9,537,461-6$548Jul 3, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
66A Haunting in Venice$3,171$1,159,656---Sep 13, 2023Walt Disney Pictures
67Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle$3,123$12,999,018-6$520Dec 20, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
68The Hustle$3,040$572,414-1$3,040Jul 12, 2019-
69Raya and the Last Dragon$3,010$504,959---Mar 3, 2021Walt Disney Pictures
70The Tourist$2,996$2,480,033-10$299Dec 29, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
71Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince$2,927$3,749,876-2$1,463Jul 16, 2009Warner Bros.
72Faster$2,579$902,981-1$2,579Jan 12, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
73The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey$2,408$3,510,144-3$802Dec 14, 2012Warner Bros.
74Robin Hood$2,381$1,880,555-3$793May 12, 2010United International Pictures
75Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time$2,341$4,105,296-4$585May 26, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
76The Smurfs$2,280$1,172,893-2$1,140Oct 7, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
77The Little Mermaid$2,279$5,254,776---May 24, 2023Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
78Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted$2,179$4,155,160-5$435Jun 8, 2012United International Pictures
79Bumblebee$2,102$10,988,849-5$420Dec 19, 2018Paramount Pictures International
80Tron: Legacy$2,082$2,467,545-2$1,041Dec 17, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
81X-Men Origins: Wolverine$2,080$1,642,659-5$416Apr 29, 200920th Century Fox International
82Dragonball Evolution$2,037$1,251,541-1$2,037Mar 25, 200920th Century Fox International
83Premium Rush$2,026$1,722,989-5$405Sep 26, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
84The Proposal$2,021$890,745-2$1,010Aug 19, 2009Walt Disney Pictures
85Central Intelligence$2,000$1,696,000-15$133Jun 15, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
86The Secret Life of Pets$2,000$1,923,000-1$2,000Aug 24, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
87Despicable Me$1,975$1,494,925-3$658Jul 9, 2010United International Pictures
88The Croods$1,968$1,593,416-2$984Mar 20, 201320th Century Fox International
89An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power$1,946$9,084-2$973Aug 25, 2017Paramount Pictures International
90Sing$1,924$1,933,760-2$962Dec 7, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
91No Strings Attached$1,911$957,560-3$637Feb 9, 2011United International Pictures
92Jumanji: The Next Level$1,892$15,236,980-11$172Dec 4, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
93Fast X$1,872$15,519,515-2$936May 17, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
94The Fate of the Furious$1,804$19,329,335-23$78Apr 12, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
95Clash of the Titans$1,552$3,164,699-4$388Apr 1, 2010Warner Bros.
96Rise of the Guardians$1,549$864,842-3$516Nov 28, 2012United International Pictures
97Les Misérables$1,530$649,135-1$1,530Jan 9, 2013United International Pictures
98Cruella$1,429$910,449---May 26, 2021Walt Disney Pictures
2010 Re-release
$1,419$758,427-1$1,419Oct 27, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
100Public Enemies$1,417$735,019-1$1,417Jul 22, 2009United International Pictures
101My Little Pony: The Movie$1,412$234,698---Oct 4, 2017-
102Real Steel$1,365$2,154,893-2$682Oct 28, 2011Walt Disney Pictures
103Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw$1,312$12,934,025-1$1,312Jul 31, 2019-
104Thor: Ragnarok$1,272$11,746,294---Oct 25, 2017Walt Disney Pictures
105Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole$1,246$632,062-1$1,246Sep 29, 2010Warner Bros.
106Mama$1,209$1,680,789-1$1,209Feb 8, 2013United International Pictures
107Johnny English Reborn$1,201$2,458,666-2$600Oct 26, 2011United International Pictures
108Tangled$1,201$1,894,079-2$600Dec 1, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
109Gangster Squad$1,197$856,158-1$1,197Jan 11, 2013Warner Bros.
110Underworld: Awakening$1,168$1,498,230-2$584Feb 8, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
111Captain America: The First Avenger$1,135$2,046,208-2$567Sep 9, 2011United International Pictures
112The Adventures of Tintin$1,132$1,981,881-1$1,132Nov 11, 2011Paramount Pictures International
113Spider-Man: Homecoming$1,112$12,335,003-1$1,112Jul 5, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
114Ambulance$1,101$538,802-1$1,101Mar 16, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
115Ted$1,027$2,117,429-2$513Sep 19, 2012United International Pictures
116Jurassic World: Dominion$1,022$10,418,417-3$340Jun 8, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
117Terminator Salvation$1,021$1,995,050-2$510May 27, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
118Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance$1,001$2,342,436-1$1,001Feb 17, 2012Warner Bros.
119Jason Bourne$1,000$3,477,211-5$200Jul 27, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
120Only the Brave$982$163,079---Oct 20, 2017-
121The Back-up Plan$958$119,377-1$958Aug 11, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
122Journey 2: The Mysterious Island$898$2,087,416-1$898Feb 1, 2012Warner Bros.
123Sherlock Gnomes$896$347,694-2$448Mar 23, 2018Paramount Pictures International
124John Carter$845$1,744,360-1$845Mar 14, 2012Walt Disney Pictures
125Up$812$1,479,223-1$812Jul 29, 2009Walt Disney Pictures
126Total Recall$779$2,735,994-2$389Aug 3, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
127Eat Pray Love$779$1,530,403-2$389Oct 13, 2010Sony Pictures Releasing
128Smurfs: The Lost Village$755$1,318,060-1$755Mar 29, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
129Yesterday$681$243,215-1$681Jun 28, 2019-
130Wreck-It Ralph$679$997,269-1$679Nov 9, 2012Walt Disney Pictures
131The Hangover$598$249,579-1$598Aug 26, 2009Warner Bros.
132American Made$563$1,761,207-1$563Aug 25, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
133Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters$544$2,665,354-1$544Jan 23, 2013United International Pictures
134Marry Me$536$62,974-1$536Feb 11, 2022-
135G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra$493$2,221,932-1$493Aug 7, 2009United International Pictures
136Toy Story 3$472$2,433,492-1$472Jun 17, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
137Angels & Demons$461$1,826,798-2$230May 13, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
138Allied$453$1,711,337-1$453Nov 23, 2016Paramount Pictures International
139Bad Boys for Life$423$4,222,760-2$211Jan 17, 2020Sony Pictures Releasing
140Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides$361$1,309,600-1$361Sep 28, 2011Walt Disney Pictures
141Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania$358$8,503,018---Feb 15, 2023Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
142Migration$303$880,266-3$101Dec 27, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
143The Marvels$269$5,955,276---Nov 8, 2023Walt Disney Pictures
144Avengers: Infinity War$261$25,288,929---Apr 25, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
145Wish$255$381,159---Nov 22, 2023Walt Disney Pictures
146The Angry Birds Movie 2$237$782,203-1$237Aug 16, 2019Sony Pictures Releasing
147Aladdin$227$18,092,717---May 22, 2019Walt Disney Pictures
148The Princess and the Frog$219$338,069-1$219Jan 6, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
149Next Goal Wins$209$7,512---Dec 6, 2023Walt Disney Pictures
150Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore$202$632,353-1$202Aug 21, 2010Warner Bros.
151Men in Black³$188$2,898,675-1$188May 23, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
152Transformers: The Last Knight$135$11,712,577-1$135Jun 21, 2017Paramount Pictures International
153Jack the Giant Slayer$123$2,959,331-1$123Mar 1, 2013Warner Bros.
154Jack and Jill$120$450,648-1$120Dec 28, 2011Sony Pictures Releasing
155Sex and the City 2$93$919,926-1$93Jun 2, 2010Warner Bros.
156Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes$66$3,284,789---May 8, 2024Walt Disney Pictures
157Up in the Air$59$154,220-1$59Feb 24, 2010United International Pictures
158Ralph Breaks the Internet$56$4,567,174---Nov 23, 2018Walt Disney Pictures
159Resident Evil: Retribution$54$5,054,441-1$54Sep 12, 2012Sony Pictures Releasing
160xXx: Return of Xander Cage$31$5,083,204-1$31Jan 18, 2017Paramount Pictures International
161Orphan$30$614,532-1$30Aug 14, 2009Warner Bros.
162Elemental$16$3,385,336---Jun 21, 2023Walt Disney Pictures