Top Weekends: 2nd – 12th

Data as of Feb 25, 11:27 PST
Rank Release Gross Lifetime Gross % of Total Theaters Average Date Distributor
1Avatar$19,185$1,261,587-5$3,837Dec 18, 200920th Century Fox International
2Puss in Boots: The Last Wish$13,796$779,681-11$1,254Dec 23, 2022Universal Pictures
3Oppenheimer$10,522$972,771-8$1,315Jul 21, 2023-
4The Super Mario Bros. Movie$8,967$590,215-13$689Apr 7, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
5Minions: The Rise of Gru$7,277$939,916-7$1,039Jul 15, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
6Green Book$6,606$274,497-7$943Jan 11, 2019ACME
7Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs$6,186$1,178,779-5$1,237Jul 3, 200920th Century Fox International
8Mamma Mia!$5,649$371,601-2$2,824Jul 18, 2008-
9Tangled$5,483$425,903-4$1,370Jan 21, 2011Universal Pictures International (UPI)
10Bolt$5,097$306,993-4$1,274Jan 23, 2009-
11Shrek Forever After$4,806$499,121-7$686Jun 4, 2010United International Pictures
12The Bad Guys$4,327$311,626-13$332Apr 22, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
13Inglourious Basterds$4,118$289,951-4$1,029Aug 21, 2009United International Pictures
14Surf's Up$3,895$160,801-4$973Sep 7, 2007-
15The Secret Life of Pets 2$3,890$612,853-6$648May 31, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
16Trolls World Tour$3,521$373,127-7$503Jul 31, 2020-
17Sex and the City$3,372$396,390-2$1,686Jun 6, 2008-
18The Secret Life of Pets$3,247$659,642-5$649Aug 19, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
19Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides$2,953$672,162-2$1,476May 18, 2011Universal Pictures International (UPI)
20Toy Story 3$2,896$214,878-5$579Jul 16, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
21Up$2,872$259,652-2$1,436Aug 7, 2009Walt Disney Pictures
22WALL·E$2,649$246,032-2$1,324Aug 15, 2008-
23Inception$2,340$290,062-5$468Jul 23, 2010Warner Bros.
24Despicable Me 3$2,312$807,774-3$770Jun 30, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
25Alice in Wonderland$2,267$435,445-3$755Mar 5, 2010Walt Disney Pictures
26What Happens in Vegas$2,245$186,816-1$2,245May 9, 2008-
27Mr. Bean's Holiday$2,133$305,362-4$533Mar 30, 2007-
28The Hangover Part II$1,860$343,086-3$620May 27, 2011ACME
29La La Land$1,845$190,451-3$615Dec 16, 2016ACME
30The Hangover$1,735$205,653-1$1,735Jun 19, 2009Warner Bros.
31Ticket to Paradise$1,730$271,608-5$346Sep 16, 2022Universal Pictures
32Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle$1,677$465,708-3$559Dec 22, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
33Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom$1,604$430,674-1$1,604Jun 8, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
34Trolls Band Together$1,504$365,890-5$300Oct 13, 2023Universal Pictures International (UPI)
35Fast Five$1,456$255,722-2$728May 6, 2011Universal Pictures International (UPI)
36Sing$1,377$428,781-2$688Dec 23, 2016Universal Pictures International (UPI)
37Now You See Me 2$1,210$284,302---Jun 17, 2016ACME
38Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again$1,209$530,105-3$403Jul 20, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
39John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum$1,148$256,980---May 17, 2019ACME
40John Wick: Chapter 4$1,131$381,217-3$377Mar 24, 2023ACME
41The Lighthouse$1,127$24,745-2$563Nov 15, 2019Universal Pictures International (UPI)
42Arrival$1,063$175,285-1$1,063Nov 11, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
43Robin Hood$1,062$111,263-1$1,062May 14, 2010United International Pictures
44Smurfs: The Lost Village$900$237,448-2$450Mar 31, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
45Nerve$770$94,437-9$85Jul 29, 2016ACME
46Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation$761$488,394-2$380Jul 13, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
47Blockers$688$159,057-1$688Apr 6, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
48Johnny English Strikes Again$675$374,215-2$337Oct 19, 2018Universal Pictures International (UPI)
49Baby Driver$608$137,118-1$608Jun 30, 2017Sony Pictures Releasing
50Angels & Demons$603$202,781-2$301May 15, 2009Sony Pictures Releasing
51American Made$559$216,971-1$559Aug 25, 2017Universal Pictures International (UPI)
52Jurassic World Dominion$477$295,339-4$119Jun 10, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
53Truth or Dare$403$81,698-1$403Apr 20, 2018-
54The Black Phone$353$111,258-1$353Jul 1, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
55Promising Young Woman$326$16,095-1$326May 28, 2021-
56Wonder$314$74,950-1$314Dec 22, 2017ACME
57Five Nights at Freddy's$290$346,909-2$145Oct 27, 2023-
58Pain and Glory$267$33,938-1$267Jun 14, 2019Volga
59The Angry Birds Movie$255$344,319-3$85May 13, 2016Sony Pictures Releasing
60December Heat$213$260,220-1$213Oct 17, 2008-
61Peter Rabbit$172$329,343-2$86Mar 23, 2018Sony Pictures Releasing
62Licorice Pizza$120$16,364-1$120Feb 25, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
63Asteroid City$74$71,990-1$74Jun 9, 2023-
64Belfast$49$26,962-1$49Mar 11, 2022Universal Pictures International (UPI)
65On the Basis of Sex$23$14,870---Jan 25, 2019ACME
66Nope$16$48,849-1$16Aug 12, 2022Universal Pictures