Around the World Roundup: 'Revenge' Reigns Again, 'Sin City' Creeps In
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of Sith's foreign haul rose to $309 million, surpassing domestic's $307.9 million. Europe's rainy rebound from last week's warm weather was a key factor in Sith earning $38.5 million over the weekend, down 37 percent compared to last weekend's 54 percent drop. With Japan still ahead, Sith could ultimately reach the all time top ten, which would make it the highest grossing Star Wars overseas.

In Germany, Revenge of the Sith was off only 18 percent to $5.3 million from 1,184 screens for a $37.5 million total. In the United Kingdom, its 40 percent fall was more down-to-earth, grossing $5.9 million from 486 for a $60.8 million total. It dropped 45 percent in Spain to $2.2 million from 497 for a $19.2 million total.

The most impressive hold came from France, where Revenge of the Sith's tally rose to $42.3 million after a 32 percent drop to $6.1 million from 938 screens. The total for George Lucas' space opera is second only to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King among United States productions through there third weekends. Sith will pass The Phantom Menace's $43 million total this week, which would make it France's 18th highest grossing picture.

Revenge of the Sith also saw strong holds in such smaller markets as Belgium (down just 2 percent for a $3.5 million total), Switzerland (down 15 percent for a $3.7 million total) and Denmark (down 25 percent for a $4.4 million total).

In China, Revenge of the Sith eased 35 percent to $1.0 million from 450 screens for a $7.5 million total, while, in South Korea, it dipped 30 percent in its second weekend to $1.8 million from 295 screens for a $6.7 million total—on track to passing the previous prequels' final grosses next weekend.

Revenge of the Sith has now topped Attack of the Clones in 49 markets and The Phantom Menace in 17 markets.

Sin City broke out onto the European scene, leaching $11.5 million from 15 territories for a $12.3 million total. In the U.K., the star-studded neo-noir racked up $4.45 million from 395 screens, including previews. The debut was slightly lower than both Kill Bill movies. In Italy, Sin City removed Revenge of the Sith from the top spot with $1.9 million in five days on 400 screens. In France, it grabbed $2.3 million from 521 prints in France, and, in Russia, it opened against Madagascar and bagged $1.1 million from 166 screens. With an original look and subject matter appealing to European and Asian audiences, Sin City's foreign gross will likely beat domestic's $73.5 million and has a strong shot at topping the century mark.

Hit and miss in its initial foreign outings, Madagascar made $3.9 million over the weekend for a $6.8 million total. In Russia, DreamWorks' computer-animated comedy was a resounding success as its $3.1 million four-day debut surpassed Shrek 2's by 28 percent. In Turkey, though, Madagascar had a measly $261,412 entrance from 112 screens, or only about half of Shrek 2's start. Madagascar logged good holds in Malaysia (down 18 percent for an $856,461 total), the Philippines (down 30 percent for a $692,180 total) and Singapore (down 37 percent for $1.4 million total).

House of Wax had weak holds in most markets and poor debuts in two countries. Despite Europe's rebound from the warm weather a week ago, the horror remake managed just $5.1 million from 34 territories over the weekend for a $17 million total. Opening in Germany, it grossed only $728,200 from 269 prints, landing in fourth place, and, in Mexico, it had an anemic $612,800 start from 250 screens.

Capping off its foreign run, The Forgotten made one last stop in Japan, where it mustered $1.3 million from 253 screens in third place—in line with how it performed elsewhere. The Julianne Moore thriller has garnered $46 million overall, and Japan's final gross should eclipse Mexico's $5.1 million as the picture's best market.

Also ending its international campaign in Japan was Hitch. The Will Smith romantic comedy had a soft $819,084 debut from 211 screens, ranking seventh. Its foreign total, though, rose to $183.7 million.

The Longest Yard arrived in Australia and Mexico and scored a solid $3.2 million. In Australia, the Adam Sandler comedy tied The Waterboy as Sandler's best start with $2.5 million from 258 screens—in second place behind Revenge of the Sith's third weekend. The Longest Yard was also in second in Mexico with a mediocre $749,392 from 260 screens. Sandler isn't much of a draw overseas, especially in the non-English speaking territories. The Waterboy earned only $24.5 million in its entire run.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy continued to have trouble outside of the former British dominion with a weak $225,000 debut in Brazil. Inside, though, the sci-fi comedy has been gold with recent solid openings in Singapore ($230,000) and Hong Kong ($220,000). The foreign total climbed to $29 million.

Not resonating outside Asia, Kung Fu Hustle had several tepid starts in Europe. Spain was the most receptive with $541,286 from 201 screens. In Germany, Stephen Chow's marital arts comedy came in at fifth place with $449,135 from 169 screens. Thanks to a blockbuster run in Asia, the overall tally is $69.2 million to date.